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The following procedures are primarily performed at Rochester Ambulatory Surgical Center RASC), located at 360 Linden Oaks, Rochester, NY 14625, Phone (585) 922-7272.  However, Dr. Ring & Dr. Peel are also staff members at Rochester General Hospital, Unity Hospital, Newark Wayne Community Hospital & Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic.


Procedures are done on the first and third Friday of each month (with the exception of Holidays).


  • ARTHROPLASTY DIPJ/PIPJ - Straightening of toe with removal of small piece of bone and possible placement of pin.

  • AUSTIN BUNIONECTOMY - Correction of bunion deformity with cutting of bone, screw to hold in place and possible cast.

  • CBWO - Correction of bunion, straightening of 1st toe joint with pin fixation and casting.

  • CHEILECTOMY/HALLUX RIGIDUS CORRECTION - Excision of excess bone around 1st MPJ with removal of prior placed K-Wire.

  • EPF - Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy with release of plantar fascia/ligament for painful plantar fasciitis.

  • EXCISION OF NEUROMA/NEUROLYSIS RLEASE - Neuroma excision with removal of painful soft tissue mass/neuroma/excision of painfully enlarged nerve.

  • EXOSTECTOMY - Excision of hypertrophic bone/excess bone and removal of excess bone for painful enlarged bone causing possible ulcer.

  • HAMMERTOE CORRECTION - Correction of hammertoe/arthroplasty with possible K-Wire fixation with straightening of contracted toe and possible use of wire to hold in place while healing.

  • JOINT CLEAN-UP/CHEILECTOMY - Excision of excess bone/joint for painful excess bone.

  • KELLER BUNIONECTOMY - Correction of bunion deformity with cutting of bone and possible pin to hold in place and removal of portion of joint.

  • LAPIPLASTY BUNIONECTOMY - Correction of bunion deformity with a 3-D correction

  • MODIFIED MCBRIDE BUNIONECTOMY - Correction of bunion deformity with removal of excess bone.

  • PLANTAR FIBROMA EXCISION - Excision of hypertrophic bone/excess bone/bone spur, removal of excess bone for painful hypertrophic bone, causing ulcer.

  • RESECTION OF HAGLUNDS – Removal of bone prominence in foot.

  • TAILOR’S BUNION CORRECTION WITH OSTEOTOMY AND FIXATION - Removal of bump over 5th toe joint with re-alignment of 5th toe joint.

  • TARSAL TUNNEL RELEASE - Release of bound down posterior tibial nerve at ankle joint area.

  • WEIL PROCEDURE - Shortening with use of bone cutters. For painful metatarsalgia and hammertoe.



The following procedures are done in our office at a 30 minute appointment time frame.


  • PHENOL MATRICECTOMY - Permanent removal of toenail due to recurring ingrown toenail infections.  Cannot be performed with an infection present.

  • AVULSION- Removal of ingrown toenail(s) with or without infection.


  • WART EXCISION – Removal of painful wart(s) on foot. Normally, warts are treated every 3 weeks prior to excision procedure.


  • CORTISONE INJECTIONS - Injection of cortisone to the painful area on your foot.

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