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The following procedures are primarily performed at Rochester Ambulatory Surgical Center RASC),

located at 360 Linden Oaks, Rochester, NY 14625  


Procedures are done on Friday's only (with the exception of Holidays).  We follow the calendar of Rochester Regional Health.


  • ARTHROPLASTY DIPJ/PIPJ - Straightening of toe with removal of small piece of bone and possible placement of pin.

  • AUSTIN BUNIONECTOMY - Correction of bunion deformity with cutting of bone, screw to hold in place and possible cast.

  • CBWO - Correction of bunion, straightening of 1st toe joint with pin fixation and casting.

  • CHEILECTOMY/HALLUX RIGIDUS CORRECTION - Excision of excess bone around 1st MPJ with removal of prior placed K-Wire.

  • EPF - Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy with release of plantar fascia/ligament for painful plantar fasciitis.

  • EXCISION OF NEUROMA/NEUROLYSIS RLEASE - Neuroma excision with removal of painful soft tissue mass/neuroma/excision of painfully enlarged nerve.

  • EXOSTECTOMY - Excision of hypertrophic bone/excess bone and removal of excess bone for painful enlarged bone causing possible ulcer.

  • HAMMERTOE CORRECTION - Correction of hammertoe/arthroplasty with possible K-Wire fixation with straightening of contracted toe and possible use of wire to hold in place while healing.

  • JOINT CLEAN-UP/CHEILECTOMY - Excision of excess bone/joint for painful excess bone.

  • KELLER BUNIONECTOMY - Correction of bunion deformity with cutting of bone and possible pin to hold in place and removal of portion of joint.

  • LAPIPLASTY BUNIONECTOMY - Correction of bunion deformity with a 3-D correction

  • MODIFIED MCBRIDE BUNIONECTOMY - Correction of bunion deformity with removal of excess bone.

  • PLANTAR FIBROMA EXCISION - Excision of hypertrophic bone/excess bone/bone spur, removal of excess bone for painful hypertrophic bone, causing ulcer.

  • RESECTION OF HAGLUNDS – Removal of bone prominence in foot.

  • TAILOR’S BUNION CORRECTION WITH OSTEOTOMY AND FIXATION - Removal of bump over 5th toe joint with re-alignment of 5th toe joint.

  • TARSAL TUNNEL RELEASE - Release of bound down posterior tibial nerve at ankle joint area.

  • WEIL PROCEDURE - Shortening with use of bone cutters. For painful metatarsalgia and hammertoe.

The following procedures are done in our office at a 30 minute appointment time frame.


  • PHENOL MATRICECTOMY - Permanent removal of toenail due to recurring ingrown toenail infections.  Cannot be performed with an infection present.

  • AVULSION- Removal of ingrown toenail(s) with or without infection.


  • WART TREATMENT– Treatment of painful wart(s) on your foot. Normally, warts are treated every 3 - 4 weeks.


  • CORTISONE INJECTIONS - Injection of cortisone to the painful area of your foot.

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