Payment policy

Family Foot Care accepts many types of Insurance Plans. Effective January 2020, please be aware of the many changes in Healthcare, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield discontinuing certain plans and the need for referrals for Fidelis and United Health Care Insurance plans.


Listed below are the types and any requirements needed:


Health plans
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield plans - Referrals are not needed with the basic plans, however, if you have a Deductible Plan, you will be responsible to pay the amount at the time of your visit or a flat fee.  Flat fees are consistent with new patient and existing patient fees who do not have insurance.

  • Medicare Blue Choice - Referrals are no longer required to make an appointment or scheduling your follow-up appointment.

  • MVP plans are accepted with no referrals.

  • MVP Option is NOT accepted at Wayne County locations, which is where our Williamson office is located.

  • Child Health Plus & Family Health Plus - Referrals are not required any longer as of 2015.

  • Aetna - You will need to check your card to see if a referral is required. If you do require a referral, you will need to get in contact with your Primary Care Physician to obtain this referral number. If you do not require a referral number, you can simply call to make an appointment.

  • Fidelis - We do accept Fidelis, however, insurance rules requires a pre-authorization for any procedures done. This includes nail trimming or removal of an in-grown nail. This can be done while you are in our office. Prior to making an appointment, you will need to obtain a letter or office note stating that your PCP has referred you to our office. This note/letter will cover you for your first visit only.  If you are a Diabetic, no referrals are necessary.

  • Medicare is accepted with no referrals, however, if you have not met your yearly deductible, you may be responsible for any balances.  As of April 2018, please bring in your NEW Medicare Card.

  • Medicare Advantage plans are also accepted, but may be subject to a co-pay or any balances due.

  • Cigna, TriCare, United Healthcare/Empire and RMSCO are also accepted. If you do not see your plan listed, please feel free to contact us and we will check for you.  United Healthcare DOES require a referral, so please contact your primary doctor to request one.



Please remember that all co-payments are due at the time of your visit. 

If you have a deductible plan, we are able to tell you your allowable amount.   We will collect a flat fee of $70.00 until we receive your actual amount due from your insurance company.    Please note that socks, any and all foot care products and OTC insoles are NOT covered by insurance.